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Motus Orbit+ 負重智能燒脂呼拉圈

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Motus Orbit+ 新一代負重智能呼拉圈

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Motus Orbit+ 將顛覆你對運動的感受,一個不會掉的呼拉圈,細膩造工極致享受。令你同一時間訓練30組核心肌肉,加上可調節式設計,任何腰圍人士都合用,美國🇺🇸設計,專利軌道設計昇華運動時的順暢,簡單易用,配合上磁力計算器令你輕易紀錄,達成你的每日指標,精準記錄每一次的運動圈數、時間及卡路里消耗。特強耐用設計,安全性高,讓你隨時隨地想玩就玩。


產品尺寸:12inch - 18inch(直徑)
供電:3.7V 電池 / 1粒


The Next Level Hula Experience!

Orbit + works thirty core muscles, including abdominal, glutes, thighs, and lower back muscle efficiently at the same time—the one exercise you need to achieve your slim body. 

Motus Orbit+ is reinventing the concept of hula hooping, taking advantage of the traditional hula hoop benefits without the stress of using it. Instead of the loop orbiting your waist, the Orbit+ adopts a whole new concept (smooth track system*) of having the counterweight that will orbit around your body by your body motion; the counter weight will follow your body rhythm to create the orbital speed you need to maintain the body movement.

Thanks to the Orbit + exercising motion, the exercise will strengthen your abdominal muscles and work all the other core muscles of the abdominal, glutes, thighs, and lower back muscles—at the same time! Thus, this provides a much higher exercising efficiency and focuses on the exercise and enjoyment, which will lead to a slimmer waistline and improve waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).

Smooth Track System

Orbit+ is the pioneer product that invented the track system technology (Patent Pending), the key design that make Orbit + an efficient gym equipment compared to traditional ones—providing a more joyful exercise experience


The Ultra Height Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) rope is not an ordinary rope; it is an ultra-strong rope that is seven to nine times stronger than steel (by weight). It has excellent vibration damping and good resistance to abrasion for maximum safety.

Polycarbonate Plastic

Polycarbonate plastic is being used to form the key component for the Orbit+. It is considered as one of the ballistic-grade plastics for bulletproof glass, and is the ideal material when toughness and durability are needed.

Motus team not only believes in the Next concept but also knows the way to make it happen.

The Motus team knows how to turn concept into reality—not only making good ideas happen but also making them useful. With years of concept design and manufacturing experience, the Motus team not only delivers the new concepts but also follows through to create real products. Our experience ensures that we make our products functional yet offering quality to the market.

We believe quality is one of the keys for a successful product; therefore, we carefully monitor each step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality is delivered to our customer. Thanks to our engineering team with years of manufacturing experience. We select the best materials available and deliver products that will meet our customers’ expectations and final satisfaction.

Motus was founded by a group of enthusiasts with years of design and manufacturing experience, believing that hard-working exercise can become a joy and bring traditional gym equipment into the next concept.

We are a group of enthusiasts, inspired by traditional hula-hoop and we believe in making the best hula hoop—one that takes up less space, requires fewer skills, and provides higher workout  efficiency compared to traditional hula hoop exercise. As a result, Motus Orbit+ is born for that purpose.  We have carefully studied and researched the mechanism. A systematic approach has been taken to design the product to be more effective compared to traditional hula-hoop, while providing the best experience which can turn hard-working exercise into a joy.

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