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NMN/NAD+ improves COVID-19 and improves immunity - Chuan Yu

NMN/NAD+ improves COVID-19 and improves immunity - Chuan Yu

Countries around the world are pooling resources to jointly fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our bodies are facing the invasion of foreign viruses, and we must focus our resources on fighting an immune war against the viruses. In addition to being the source of our life, providing energy for cells to maintain normal operation and repair genetic damage, recent clinical studies of NAD+ have shown that it also gives cells sufficient resilience (cell resiliance) to fight against foreign viral infections and reduce the impact of foreign viruses on them. Physical harm.

This study found on cells and animal tissues infected by coronavirus and COVID-19 virus that COVID-19 virus attacks cells will cause NAD+ levels to drop rapidly and trigger a strong demand for NAD+ in the body to fight against the invasion of foreign viruses. Research has found that supplementing NAD+ levels in the body can enhance the body's immunity to coronavirus and other viral infections. Infected cells will continue to consume NAD+ to fight the virus, and the virus will also use another set of genes to try to hinder the body's immune response and reproduce the virus in large numbers.

The study was conducted by three U.S. universities - the University of Iowa, Oregon Health and Science University and the University of Kansas. They found that coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, significantly disturb the balance of NAD+ in the body. Coronaviruses use multiple sets of different PARP genes to deplete and suppress normal NAD+ levels in the body, which is an important part of maintaining the innate immune response and fighting viruses. Research has found in the lung tissue of people who unfortunately died of COVID-19 that the coronavirus caused a sharp drop in NAD+, preventing the body from making more NAD. The findings suggest that NAD+ supplementation may be important in preventing and treating COVID-19 infections and other viral infections. This is especially important for people who are susceptible to infection or have weak immunity. In addition, NAD+ supplementation may also have a positive impact on the treatment of other diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases.

NAD+ is a very important biomolecule. It not only provides the energy needed by cells, maintains the normal operation of cells and repairs genetic damage, but also helps the body fight against foreign viral infections and enhance the body's immunity. Therefore, we should focus on increasing NAD+ levels in the body through diet and exercise, and pay attention to relevant research progress, in order to play a greater role in preventing and treating diseases.

In addition, on April 20, 2020, Dr. Robert J. Huizenga, a medical institution in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, USA, published a medical report on the treatment of a patient diagnosed with severe COVID-19. The patient showed significant clinical improvement after receiving oral NMN treatment. On the 11th day after diagnosis, the patient developed severe inflammation, difficulty breathing, and required the use of a breathing device. His life was in danger and he was immediately sent to the above-mentioned hospital. The doctor prescribed NMN treatment for two consecutive days, which successfully improved his breathing problems and increased the white blood cell content in his body within 12 hours; on the 36th Hours later, the patient's blood oxygen content and body temperature returned to normal levels, and the inflammation gradually subsided. The patient was subsequently discharged from the hospital on the 17th and fully recovered on the 23rd. NMN treatment was used on two other elderly patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and also recorded significant clinical improvements within 36-48 hours in fever, chest hypertension, cough, headache, low energy and other problems. For details, please refer to the original English medical report <here> .

The report concluded: NMN directly supplements NAD+ levels in the body, slows down aging-related tissue/organ function decline, enhances immunity, regulates the risk of immune cell overreaction - Cytokine storm, promotes blood circulation, and protects the kidneys. The liver and brain are affected by the disease, and NMN has shown significant positive clinical therapeutic effects.

Listen to Prof. David Sinclair personally explain the key to enhancing immunity and defeating Covid-19 with NMN/NAD+; In addition to the research from the above three universities and the medical reports of real Covid-19 patients , please refer to relevant medical literature <here> .

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Excerpt from the original text <from> medical literature:

Thus, during aging, a decline in NAD+ and the known mislocalization of SIRT1 and SIRT6 across the genome during aging [68, 109], could be major contributors to the age-dependency of COVID-19 symptoms. Given the increasing evidence that lower NAD+ levels in the lung and vascular endothelium contribute to poor COVID-19 outcomes, NAD boosters, such as the NAD+ precursors NMN and NR [110], have been suggested as first-line treatments against COVID-19, especially aged patients [56]. As more and more evidence shows the relationship between low NAD+ levels in the body and the damage caused by COVID-19, NAD booster, NAD+ precursor, NMN and NR, are all used to treat COVID-19 patients, especially It is an elderly patient (low NAD+ level in the body).

In addition, replenishing NAD+ cannot be done by taking NAD+ directly. For details, please refer to < this article >. NAD+ can only be supplemented through NAD+ booster precursors NMN and NR. Readers are advised to choose NAD+ supplements carefully. Products on the market that claim NAD+ can directly increase NAD+ levels more directly than NMN and NR are believed to have violated the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

What is NAD+?

The full name of NAD+ is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is inherent in all living things. NAD+ plays an indispensable role in the body, serving as a fuel for all cells, responsible for producing energy, activating longevity genes Sirtuins, repairing cell genetic damage, coordinating multiple epigenetic message transmission channels related to anti-aging, reducing inflammation and maintaining everything in the body. Mechanical balance and so on. The level of NAD+ in the body is very high in children and young adults. In middle-aged and elderly people, the level of NAD+ in the body decreases significantly with age.

Can NAD+ levels in the body be increased?

NAD+ can be supplemented by taking the NAD+ precursor NMN orally. NAD+ in the human body is derived from Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). Supplementing NMN in the body is the safest, direct and effective way to increase NAD+ levels in the body. Detailed information can be found <here> .

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