Flowing Across the World, Guardian of Countless Homes

Established in 2023, TY Science adheres to the philosophy of "offering high-quality products at reasonable prices." Deeply cherished by supporters in Hong Kong, Macau, domestically, and even overseas, TY Science is led by Executive Director Dennis Ho Kai Yin, focusing on solid quality and outstanding service to establish a strong brand image.

Seizing Opportunities: Diversifying Beyond Masks Post-Pandemic

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, TY Science successfully diversified by founding the acc+ mask brand, quickly gaining acclaim. Recognizing the public's heightened focus on health, we introduced NMN products, giving birth to the TY Science brand, which has been warmly embraced. Our extensive production experience allowed us to introduce the well-received Guardian Series.

Ensuring Quality: Emphasis on Research and Development

To provide the highest-quality products, TY Science relies on a professional research team and stringent quality control processes. Grounded in the vision from mask production, we are committed to exploring innovative scientific approaches, creating unique and effective health products, and continuing the mission of delivering the world's best blessings to everyone.